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Getting Started

eStage Digital is delighted to be your service provider. You are currently reading the default website page for new accounts – if you wish to remove this, you can do so by logging into cPanel (check your e-mails for login details), going to File Manager and removing “index.html” from the public_html folder. But first, here’s a little bit of information about managing your account, billing and support…

Payment Details

You can now make payment quickly and easily with your debit or debit card online. This type of payment will register instantly with our billing system and will mean that your invoice and product status will be updated instantly. You can do this by going to and pressing Pay Now in the invoice.

Managing your account

eStage Digital is proud to announce our new website. We provide a client area which is available at where you can manage all of your services, check invoices and see support requests. All e-mail communication is now encouraged to be done via this links up to the client area where you can reply/read responses, but e-mails can still be used as normal.

Need anything else?

For faster response times, we encourage you to use our client area as mentioned above, however emails to are also still accepted. You can also contact us on 0207 1128 903.

This information is also available on page one of two of any of our invoices that are sent to your e-mail address.

Our Message, To You.

Want to know what makes us stand out the most? We’re close to The eStage Group, who create Events and Theatrical Productions and who work with Musicians, Performers and People Alike all year round! But what makes us stand out to our current customers is our dedication, care and compassion from start to finish (and after!).

What is the eStage Group?

Our Support Pledge.

We work with people who have no, or very little, technical technical knowledge all the time and for most designers or design companies, this would be problematic and would effectively create a language barrier that waste’s time, money and does nothing but create a disastrous website – but we’re different and so is our support.

Read the Support Pledge