Ridiculously Simple E-Mail Marketing

for Self-Promoters & Advanced Marketers

Providing Drag & Drop tools and Ready-Made Templates for the quickest usage, our free e-mail marketing tool enables users to effectively send newsletter e-mails within minutes! For the more advanced marketing users, our system includes all the tools needed to track engagement, measure success and make adjustments where necessary with the use of extremely easy-to-understand analytical tools.

1Create Campaign

Give your campaign a name and create a subject line. You can also choose the who the recipient see’s the sender from.

For advanced users, you can personalise the subject line with the subscribers name. Get the best for all of your recipients with the A/B test option in order to optimise the content for best click rate or opens.

2Create your Newsletter

Select a template from our gallery of beautiful, professionally designed email templates (every one looks amazing on every device) or create your newsletter from scratch. You can customise the marketing e-mail with our drag and drop e-mail builder and personalise the text in the e-mail to include your subscriber’s name, e-mail address, job title etc.

The drag & drop builder is extremely powerful, super simple and makes building a marketing e-mail a dream for all users.

3Preview Newsletter

Once you’ve created your marketing e-mail, you can send previews to your computer and mobile device and see a preview of how it looks on multiple device sizes to ensure that it looks as fabulous for all of your subscribers.

4Select the Recipients

Choose which subscribers/fans get to see your newsletter and quickly see how many e-mails you will be sending in total. If you’re moving from a different e-mail marketing provider, you can import all of your existing subscribers and include all of the personalisation fields you previously had (name, job title etc).

Our e-mail marketing system automatically removes e-mail addresses that don’t exist so that you don’t send e-mails unnecessarily. Don’t worry about GDPR with the integrated preference centre which enables users to automatically unsubscribe from your e-mail lists without your interaction. If a subscriber unsubscribes via a certain newsletter, you’ll see it in the campaign statistics.

5Deliver your message

Once you’re happy, you can either choose to schedule your campaign for a specific time or date or send it instantly. You’ll be able to get a confirmation e-mail once the campaign has successfully been delivered to all recipients.

6Track Deliverance

Use the accurate tracking tools to find out how successful your marketing campaign has been. Track how many users have opened the e-mail and clicked on links and if anyone has shared the e-mail with friends, family or colleagues. Access a real-time map to see exactly where recipients open your e-mail and when and keep an eye on who has marked the e-mail as spam or anyone that has not opened the e-mail. Export reports to use them in marketing campaign software.

Get started with e-mail marketing from eStage right now!

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eStage make use of a 20Gbps high-capacity multi-carrier network, based across datacentres in the United Kingdom. We’re proud to utilise the best global routes and routing technologies, resulting in incredibly fast delivery speeds for your website. Further features that you’ll benefit from are; Multiple connections to UK data centres, Access to 500+ service providers and Access to major internet exchange points and Low-latency links to USA and worldwide.

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