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Watch your GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy appear in no time. We'll use iubenda's generator and then add it onto your website for you!

Why do I need a Policy?

1Who needs one?

All websites need to comply with the ePrivacy directive (EU Cookie Law), which is still valid with the GDPR.

2Do I collect data?

Simple things like Contact Forms count as Collecting Data, but there are also behind the scenes things so contact us if you’re unsure.

2Theres a price difference!

We offer the service at an increased cost compared to Iubenda because we’ll look after your privacy policy for you.

4And if I don't have one..?

Having a Privacy Policy is a legal requirement. Website owners risk being fined if they do not have an adequate Privacy Policy.

5Will it be confusing?

Rest assured, we’ll ask you less questions than Iubenda would! We’re trying to make it as easy as possible, and we will help you along the way.

6How do I start?

We can only take registrations in blocks due to licensing restrictions, so join our waiting list here and we’ll be in contact as soon as we can!

Here's how it works

Check out the video to the left and watch how easy it is to create a privacy policy with Iubenda, but also take note of all the options there are.

There’s so many options, right? How do you know which ones you need to select?!

If you order with eStage, all you need to do is fill out a form when setting up your account with us, and then we’ll get your custom privacy policy generated for you! We’ll call you if we need any more information, just incase we need anything, or if you get stuck.

All websites require a GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy. Are you ready to get yours?

How it works

All you need to do is order and answer some simple questions. Once you’ve completed your order, we’ll double check and call you if we have any further questions. After that, we’ll be able to get your policy setup for you!

Pricing Comparison

By providing you with a unique setup service where our team does all of the hard work, we’re changing the game when it comes to generating privacy policies.

  • Purchased from iubenda

  • $ 27 per year
    • Continuously updated by Iubenda legal team
    • Website privacy policy
    • Cookie policy
    • Policy in multiple languages
    • Add custom text to the policy
    • Cookie banner
    • Cookie consent
  • Go to Website
  • Purchased from eStage

    Setup & Managed for You
  • £ 50 per year
    • Continuously updated by Iubenda legal team
    • Website privacy policy
    • Cookie policy
    • Policy in multiple languages
    • Add custom text to the policy
    • Cookie banner
    • Cookie consent
    • Less Questions that Iubenda
    • eStage Manages your Policy for you
    • Bulk Licensing – Prices likely to reduce
    • Purchased from eStage
    • We’ll update your policy for you
    • You won’t need to learn a new software
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Become Compliant

In order to comply with privacy laws, especially the GDPR, companies need to store proof of consent, so that they can demonstrate that consent was collected. Can your Privacy Policy do this?

Get your Policy

Don’t waste any time; this is the easiest way to setup a GDPR-Compliant Privacy Policy! Created by the Iubenda Legal Team and Setup by eStage, you’ll be in safe hands. Don’t risk being fined.


Your Privacy Policy will contain details which will need updating from time to time. If the legal terms of the policy needs updating, the Iubenda legal team will have you covered! You won’t even need to ask.

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Not just some Faceless Corporation

I like the idea of using eStage partly because you’re not some faceless corporation, you’re passionate about what you do and your stella support of course!

Simon Cooper - Website Designer