Getting Noticed as an Actor: Five Golden Rules

Getting Noticed as an Actor: Five Golden Rules

As a part of our continued work and support for creatives that work in our industry, we recently visited the “Surviving Actors” Exhibition in London. For those who aren’t familiar, Surviving Actors is set up “by actors for actors to help and encourage them in all areas of their life as a professional actors” and therefore actors can attend for free every year and get advice and exclusive offers from supporting companies and exhibitors.

eStage Digital’s “Web Design for Actors” Brand attending Surviving Actors 2018.

We arrived at around 9am in order to setup our table (which was packed with free eStage sweets and pens) and shortly after a we took turns to have a stroll around the exhibition floor to speak to some of the other companies who was there – such companies included Headshot Photographers, Videographers for Showreels, Voiceover Studios, Accountancy Companies and Agencies but there was one person that we spoke to who stuck out more than anyone in the room: A Careers Adviser for Actors. After a brief chat with the adviser, we discovered that before she takes anybody on board, she absolutely requires them to have 5 things – ‘5 Golden Rules’ if you’d prefer.


The Golden Rules

Now, as a company dedicated to working within the entertainment industry and helping fellow creatives, we were hanging off the edge of our seat whilst she was explaining them, simply because it’s not just important for you to follow these rules, we need to follow them too! And, we figure that if we can provide services that fulfil the five golden rules then we have in-turn fulfilled our aim as a company. Furthermore, if a Careers Adviser won’t go near you without you completing the five golden rules, would an employer, agency or director? We’ll let you decide – here are the rules:

  1. The Actor must have Headshots
  2. The Actor must have a Showreel
  3. The Actor must have a CV
  4. The Actor must have a Website
  5. The Actor must have a good Social Media Presence


Why those specific five things though? Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to ask why but we spent the day pondering it in our heads and made up a pretty sensible guess. There is currently a huge part in our industry between agents/agencies and actors/talent. This means that not only do both actors and agencies have to find jobs, they also now have to fight between themselves, and unfortunately, a lot of the time, it’s the big agencies that win since they are more established.
The main point being that they are more established.

This leads us on to believing that if an agency is more likely to get work because of how established they look, then surely an actor would have to make themselves look as established as possible in order to compete and therefore the five golden rules come into place. If you have all of those things then you’re five steps closer to looking more established and getting work than somebody else who doesn’t have them.


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