4 Reasons you Should Register your Domain Right Now

4 Reasons you Should Register your Domain Right Now

A frequent question that we get asked when speaking to new clients is whether or not they should register their domain name online. Now, whilst a domain name can be anything including a made-up word, we’re talking about registering their name, for example www.joeberry.info or www.joeberry.com.

The main downside from the clients’ point of view is having to pay a yearly fee for each domain name that they register, even if they don’t actually do anything with the domain name during the year (such as create a website or use it for a personalised e-mail address).

Do you think it’s worth registering your domain name? Here’s why we think you should…


1. Reserve it before somebody else does…

In 2016, a report was made suggesting that over 326,000,000 (Three Hundred and Twenty Six Million) domain names have been registered, and strictly speaking, once they’re gone, they’re gone. In fact, an influx of people have already started buying as many generic domain names as possible with the intention of selling them onto unsuspecting start-ups and public figures for over a hundred times more money than they bought them for in the first place.

Is it worth paying £10 a year now or £10,000 + £10 a year when you have to buy it off someone?


2. Your free e-mail address says more than you think…

Producers and Casting Agencies are always looking for well established and professional actors yet so many people in the industry have e-mail addresses from providers such as gmail and hotmail. Whilst you may have managed to get your full name rather than a nickname in your e-mail address, what does your gmail e-mail address really mean?

The creative industry is extremely competitive and there is lots of great talent out there, and considering the lack of work in general across Europe, it’s vital that you do everything possible so that you can stand up against the competition…

Such Agencies and Producers are always looking for the more well-established people to work with them – does your gmail.com e-mail address show them that you’re any better than all of the others with the same e-mail provider?

Having your own domain name implies that you are well-established, have a good online presence with fans and enables you to get your own personalised e-mail address (such as hireme@joeberry.info) or whatever you’d like and it’s actually quite easy to do! All you need to get started is your own domain name and a friendly service provider.


3. You don’t even have to do anything with it…

It becomes second nature for some people to register their domain name and then spend hundreds of pounds building a website and on an expensive package to keep it online when in reality, they don’t really need to do that right away. The most important thing is that nobody can steal your online identity if you protect it by registering your name first.


4. And anyway, it doesn’t even cost that much!

Registering your domain name and keeping it registered really doesn’t cost that much, and considering the fact that it only costs around £10.00 per year for your domain name, is it really worth all of the potential losses that can come from not having one?