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About eStage

The eStage Group have over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. We understand the needs of individual performers and arts business alike and have created a range of services to help you. The Production Services team are here to help you with every technical need of putting on a show/Performance including, production management and set building. Our Digital Services team can help with Website Design, Hosting, Domain registration, Email Marketing, and SMS Marketing.
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Digital Services
for Performers. Theatres. The Media.
Digital Services
for You.
Services including boutique website design and web services for the entertainment industry.

Welcome to Digital

Digital, by eStage, provides a wealth of digital services for businesses and individuals in the entertainment, media and creative industries. From creating unique, bespoke websites that stand out from the crowd, to providing specialist email, mobile and social media marketing services, we’ve got all your digital needs covered. Our list of comprehensive online services includes:

  • Boutique website design
  • Crative mobile & email marketing
  • Social media management services
  • Reliable and affordable web hosting
  • Domain registration (What’s a domain?)


eStage Digital Email & Mobile Marketing services provide you with all the tools you need to reach your audiences easily; send emails to hundreds, thousands or millions of people all in one go. Our simple click and create platform and custom digital design services give you everything you need to reach your followers simply and quickly.

Social Media

eStage Digital Social Media Services can help you or your company manage your online social presence, build your unique brand identity and coordinate your social media marketing campaigns to save you time. Reach out to your followers from where they want to find you, without the hassle of keeping up with the endless technical innovations in social media.

Web Hosting

eStage Digital website hosting offers comprehensive reliability and consistent up-time. We take care of you as your online presence grows, so you don’t need to worry about technical capacity as your business expands. Perfect for creative and entertainment start-ups & individuals, and medium to large businesses as you go viral. What is website Hosting?

Create an impressive web presence and strong online brand development with our range of integrated website design and digital marketing services.  eStage Digital in-house website designer helps clients achieve their ideal custom designed website by taking time to understand what makes you unique and work with you throughout to build your brand strategy. We then build your impact with complementary digital marketing tools to keep you in your audience’s mind and offer them ways to share what you do with their online networks.

eStage Digital provide comprehensive web design services, to simplify the process of your starting out online.  We offer step by step expertise to ensure you have a starring role online amongst your professional peers as well as your audience.  Rank for your niche business on your terms by digital experts with a deep knowledge of your industry.

Our Website Designs

eStage Digital has created many professional and modern designs for a range of people from the Entertainment Industry.

"Thanks for your swift response! Actually, I thought you were quick before, but you have truly outdone yourselves!"

Simon Richardson - Website Design & Updates Services

Weee! Great job. Thank you so much for your efficiency and talent 🙂

Kaisa Hammarlund - Website Design & Hosting

"eStage listened to everything I wanted and created a sleek website that I'm really proud of. The service is excellent value for money, Would definitely recommend them to any individual or company looking for a top-notch website and fantastic service!"

Liane Grant - Website Design & Hosting

"Outstanding Email Marketing service. We've used many companies over the years, but eStage surpasses all in both service and price. Highly recommended!"

Jacky Abromitis - Email Marketing User

E-Mail Marketing

eStage Digital experts provide comprehensive, bespoke web design services and niche marketing strategies to help individual performers, creative and arts businesses establish an online presence that marks out their digital promotion campaigns. We work with you to help your business create a strong, memorable impression online that makes visitors want to find out more about what your do and will keep your audiences coming back for more.

Services & Pricing

eStage Digital would be delighted to become your service provider. Here is our basic pricing information.
  • Domain Registration

  • £ 10 per year
    • fixed price for all domains
    • full control over domain
    • instant registration
    • free basic support
    • no setup charges
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  • Website Hosting

  • £ 50 per year
    • unlimited email accounts
    • no limits or restrictions
    • easy to use website manager
    • free website builder
    • free basic support
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  • Website Design

  • £ 17.50 approx. per hour
    • in-house designer
    • tailored to creative industry
    • created to your needs
    • beautiful, modern websites
    • designed for eStage Digital hosting
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  • Other Services

  • # contact us to get a quote
    • SMS Marketing
    • E-Mail Marketing
    • Digital Design
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  • Package Offer

  • £ 150 per year - save 28%
    • 2x Domains (e.g. &
    • 1x Website Hosting (99.9% Uptime Guarantee)
    • 8 hours of maintenance and updates
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Got any questions?

We strive to help as much as possible – let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

I need more information!

eStage Digital is always delighted to help! You can contact us by e-mailing or by using the contact form below.

If you are a web-hosting client you may have access to our client area to create a support request.

You can also contact us on 0207 1128 903 or just leave your contact number in the contact form here and we will get in touch as soon as possible!

How can Social Media Marketing help me?

Our Social Media Marketing service helps incease presence on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as Wikipedia and IMDB. We can help you setup all social media and give you vital information/tips about increasing presence, engaging your audience/fans and most importantly, increasing your following on social media websites.

What is Website Hosting?

Website Hosting is the service that is required in order to put your webite on the internet. Website Hosting is also known as “The Cloud”. eStage Digital recognises the needs of our creative industry clients and provides a tailored service for that purpose.

Domain is the technical term for what people would type in to get to your website (e.g. “”, “”).

Help! My website has been suspended!

If you see our account suspension page, this could be due to a number of problems. You should contact us at your nearest convenience in order to resolve this.

Something Else?

*Get 100% discount for 1 year on your active hosting & domain packages if you recommend someone you know and they purchase selected services. Terms and Conditions Apply.